We are a group of freelance SAP Consultants with over 35 years of combined
SAP experience in various parts of the world.

With certification in SAP CRM (and several other modules) and years of CRM/SD
experience working with SAP in Europe, we have created  this site to help YOU
with breaking into SAP.

Certification from SAP is the best way to assess and confirm your SAP software
skills. By obtaining the associate level certification, or enhancing your existing
certification to the professional or masters level, you prove that you are qualified
and proficient at optimizing the SAP software to improve an organization's
business performance.

Whether you're an employee of an enterprise running SAP applications, a
member of a Consulting team, or an independent consultant, you will find SAP
certification essential in today's competitive marketplace.

Some of the advantages you get with an SAP certification:

  • Open up new career opportunities
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your peers
  • Enhance your credentials by proving your knowledge in SAP software
  • Attain a Globally recognized mark of excellence
  • Participate in the exclusive, Web-based SAP certified community

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Certification/interview Questions:

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SAP ABAP Certification Questions

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SAP SECURITY Certification Questions

SAP PP Certification Questions

SAP LE/WM Certification Questions

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Interview Questions

SAP SD (SCM-Order Fulfilment) sample Interview Questions

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Video Training

CRM Video Training

FI/CO Video Training

HR Video Training

SD Video Training

MM Video Training

Basis Video Training

BW Video Training

ABAP Video Training

HANA Video Training

WM Video Training

PP Video Training

SRM Video Training
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